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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bablu Das Courses

Updated on 30/11/2020

In addition to my first ever post: Bablu Das - Introduction of Basic Mridanga Course, here are a some extra Bablu related resources also available on Scribd (some documents on Scribd are available for free download).

12 Month Mrdanga Course Compiled by Gaura-Siromani Dasa. The publisher requests donations, and a contact address is provided for Bablu Das on pg.2 of the document.

Check out his Mridanga Introduction video here.

You can also download a neatly typed copy of the beginning of his introductory course here.

Finally - someone post this handy-looking link for Bablu Course Audio (+ more) on another feed on the site. Use at your own risk* https://www.4shared.com/rar/0jfGryt_/bablu_das_audios_mrdanga__pls_.html 
*I haven't clicked the download - some of the content on the page looks questionable/offensive.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Jerry Leake - Harmonic Time

If you're away from your drum any time and want to expand your rhythmical awareness, follow Jerry Leake's harmonic time teaching method. Associate Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music and the New England Conservatory of Music, Jerry Leake has also published a number of Percussion books.

You may just want to print this document off and keep it with you at all times! I've stored copies on my phone so I can tap away my free minutes - and streeeetch my mind.

Although the mridanga originates from Northern India, you might also want to get a bit of background and read this one too:

Finally, here's his Harmonic Time video (pt 1). Don't be put off by the simplicity of the first few excercises here. They quickly become more challenging and rewarding!

Keep up the practice!

Any time you fancy seeing the best mridanga lessons from great instructors, head over to the right hand side of this blog, and choose one of the Top Mridanga Tuition YouTube Channels.

Also, if you're in need of some extra mridanga inspiration today, you're definitely in the right place!

Here's a few extra mridanga lessons to keep you busy - and to remind you that those Hasta Sadhana exercises really do pay off!

How to play Mrdanga H.G. Jagannatha Suta dasa at Rhada-Krishna Temple, London

Dadra taal mrdanga lesson by Sita Pati Das

Mridango Lessons by Nitay in Moscow

Gopal Mridanga Lesson

Kirtan Etiquette & Mridanga Funk by Madhava Prabhu

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bonus Mridanga Videos!

A quick link here to a couple of bonus mridanga videos!

Looks like these guys are having lots of fun. I really enjoyed this video - plenty of skill here too!

The beats quickly speed up here. Mridanga and Kartals combine with an introduction to the mridanga drum and our drummer Govinda (who plays 6 hours a day!).

Bhima-Karma's mridanga Facebook group and study opportunities!

Bhima-Karma's name has popped up more than just a few times when I've enquired about studying mridanga in India. I'm planning a visit there in December/Jan and hope to get in touch to experience and tap his expert knowledge of this wonderful instrument.

He's taught mridanga in New York and offers tuition in Vrindavan via his Mridanga Facebook Page. Follow that link and search out his post 'Skin types....' for his email address. I don't want to post it here and add spam to his inbox.

Aside from arranging to purchase a custom mridanga from him, you can also follow his discussions on single/double straps, sampradayas, manufacture, e.t.c.

Here is a nice video. Check out the faster beats towards the end (I enjoyed it most around the 52 minute mark).

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Virtual Kirtan Choir sings Ma Durga

Enjoy this great devotional music production by Daniel C Tucker / Kirtan Central

'Bhakti Yoga isn't something you join, it's love.
It means love.
It means falling in love.
Recognising the beauty of your own Self.
Falling in love with your Self, 
which is God.' 

For more music inspiration, check out the original Virtual Choir videos by Eric Whitacre below....

David Kuckhermann : World Percussion

Although he doesn't play mridanga, David is an inspirational drummer and teacher with experience in a wide variety of traditions. Check out his awesome videos and links to his websites below.

You can find out more about him on his website http://www.framedrums.net/  and join a community of hand drummers / world percussion players at http://www.percussion-net.com (forum/video/tutorials/articles). I recommend having a look around both of these sites if you fancy finding some drumming inspiration.

I hope you enjoy his clear teaching style and talent as much as I have. Check out these examples of his videos: