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Sunday, 6 November 2011

David Kuckhermann : World Percussion

Although he doesn't play mridanga, David is an inspirational drummer and teacher with experience in a wide variety of traditions. Check out his awesome videos and links to his websites below.

You can find out more about him on his website http://www.framedrums.net/  and join a community of hand drummers / world percussion players at http://www.percussion-net.com (forum/video/tutorials/articles). I recommend having a look around both of these sites if you fancy finding some drumming inspiration.

I hope you enjoy his clear teaching style and talent as much as I have. Check out these examples of his videos:


  1. Hey thank you for posting these videos! I see you definitely know your stuff! I used to take private drum lessons when I was younger, but now I just play for fun, shed with other drummers, and check out instructional videos like these. Thanks again!

  2. Check out the Jerry Leake videos on the Facebook page. They're really useful for layering multiple rhythms. I'll post some up here soon.