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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bablu Das Courses

This post has been changed.

In addition to my first ever post: Bablu Das - Introduction of Basic Mridanga Course, here are a some extra Bablu related resources also available on Scribd (some documents on Scribd are available for free download).

12 Month Mrdanga Course Compiled by Gaura-Siromani Dasa. The publisher requests donations, and a contact address is provided for Bablu Das on pg.2 of the document.

Check out his Mridanga Introduction video here.

You can also download a neatly typed copy of the beginning of his introductory course here.


  1. Careful for those of you who want to study from Bablu - while his hands are fast, he is not interested to make expert mridanga players - he gives many mantras but no knowledge of tal and does not teach the tradition he claims to belong to. I know a few people who he has cheated and recommend you go elsewhere to learn.

  2. Thanks for your comments Anonymous.

  3. None of these writings give the student any inkling about the actual musical system employed in the traditions of kirtan created by the acaryas such as Narrotam das thakur or srinivas acarya, namely garaanhati & manaharshahi. There are no definitions of taal or its application in kirtan or the basic kirtan theory of rasa, bhava kriya. These writing are a distraction without any foundational understanding and thus only contribute the defiling and bastardization of these sacred traditions, which is a current by-product of the popularization of abhasa kirtan. Bhima-Karma

    1. Hello Bhima-Karma. Thanks for your comments!

      This site is effectively a links site, helping people to find the best mridanga resources by bringing together what is already available on the net. If you know of any sources for the information you think should be here, just let me know and I'll put it up.

      I signposted readers to your facebook group in February, so hopefully more people can get some authentic teaching. For anyone reading now, you can access that post here: http://mridanganet.blogspot.co.uk/2012/02/bhima-karmas-mridanga-facebook-group.html

      Also, I will be in India over December/January so maybe we might have an opportunity to meet? You mention on your page that 'I teach as well. but I do not favor teaching any student who does not first commit to learning at least the entire basic level of the system before teaching etc.'. Can you signpost us to any online source for that system so that potential students can prepare themselves?

      Thanks again. Hopefully we can get some gaps in information filled, and make this selection of resources more comprehensive.

    2. A great resource for devotees that have learnt something from Bablu Prabhu. With that basic understanding you can learn almost all the mantras in these documents.

      Bhima Karma is so bitter. Just take these resources for what they are. If you can learn something from them that's great. If not, no need to put them down.

  4. Andy, thanks so much for putting this site up. It's high quality and indeed is helping address the gap of quality education for respectfully playing the mrdanga and thus glorifying the Personality of Godhead.

    Hare Kṛṣṇa