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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mridanga shopping - BINA Musicals - Southall

So yesterday was shopping day! I took a trip out to GoldCoast Drums to buy West African Djembes for a project I'm running with four primary schools in Reading (read more at BeatSwap...).

I finally arrived in Southall; home to BINA musicals where I was greeted by Kuldeep.S.Sura and his son Manu.S.Sura.

Kuldeep talked with me about how proud he is of his son's musical ability, especially in playing Sitar. He also told me how his father in law; Gian Sing had established the business 75 years ago in Delhi. Gian made his first harmonium aged 21 and took it to show his guru ; Baba Nand Singhji, who blessed the instrument and declared that it would spread across the whole world. Their company profile now states:

"BINA has become a household name in select music circles and enjoys a global reputation for excellence"

They have been trading in the UK now for 36 years.

Kuldeep was keen to show me an article in the local paper that celebrates Baba Nand Singhji's birthday (8th November) each year.

Manu was very helpful throughout my visit. After showing me around some harmoniums, he took me to see the mridangas I was there to buy.

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